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Throughout my career as a Registered Nurse, I've had the privilege to care for and treat thousands of patients with various health conditions including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, and more. However, with every hour of nursing practice under my belt also came the realization that our overwhelmed hospital systems have began to prioritize symptom management rather than holistic wellness and disease prevention. As a licensed nurse, a great deal of my scope of practice involves advocacy, health education, care planning, and the promotion of health through motivation, healthy lifestyle changes, and coaching. The problem was that there was rarely any time to do those amazing things when working on a busy hospital unit. It truly bothered me.

I have experienced first hand, the shortcomings of large complex healthcare systems when I was pressured by my healthcare providers to take medications or undergo invasive procedures, which would make it more convenient for them to manage my care. No one took the time to truly understand what I was going through, what my true concerns were, or what my health preferences were. I thought to myself, if I experienced this, despite my vast knowledge in health sciences and healthcare systems, imagine what others have experienced. I needed to do more for my clients. After advocating for myself, I ultimately reversed my conditions with more individualized approaches, which changed how I saw health and wellness forever. 

I started my journey to do more by returning to school for my Masters Degree in Nursing, to understand the whys of healthcare quality and patient outcomes. Understanding the limitations and challenges of the healthcare industry made me more confident that my drive to close the gaps of care delivery was desperately needed by so many. That gap I speak of, was the reason I became a nurse: to care for the whole person. After graduating, I began working with individuals to identify areas of their lives and health that needed attention, such as weight management, getting out of the pre-diabetic category, and better understanding their options for managing their diabetes, including lowering their A1c, and getting off diabetes medication (with doctor approval. 

This program is NOT like the others. I will look into the many different aspects of your life, your preferences, your actual wishes, and work with you to come up with an actual plan to reclaim your health.


As your nurse, and as your coach, it is my job to help you identify, navigate, and achieve your health and wellness goals. I look forward to working with you. 




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