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Nurse led Health Coaching for Type 2 Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics and Weight-loss. 

Meet Denise, MSN, RN

Registered Nurse, Health Coach

& Wellness Advocate

As a Registered Nurse that worked within complex and pharmaceutical driven healthcare systems, I realize that the one-size fits all approach does not work for everyone. During my own health and wellness journey, I discovered a large gap that existed in between what the client really needs (personalized planning, ongoing education, and long-term support to reach health goals) and what large healthcare organizations were able to provide. It is my obligation as a Registered Nurse to restore health, educate, promote health and wellness and prevent disease for my community and the population at large. Welcome to The Wellness Nurse, I look forward to your wellness and health journey, together.


What I Specialize In

Health Education

Dietary Interventions

Weight Management and Lifestyle Changes

Identifying  Health Goals

Wellness Planning

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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