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Hi, Im Denise.

I'm sure you've read the books, lurked on the Facebook and Instagram pages of those with amazing before and after photos for inspiration and motivation. Maybe you've spent $$$ on gimmicks, programs, self-help books, but still find yourself struggling with your health and wellness goals. If that sounds like you, join the team, you are not alone. But as a nurse and professional yo-yo dieter, I have identified one of the biggest gaps in finding success in sustained weight loss and lifestyle changes- no one talks about the mental aspect of change. If you're tired of being handed the same pamphlets of "good" and "bad" foods, calorie budgets and exercise routines, follow me. I am documenting the most secret, hidden parts to a successful weight loss journey. 

Read more about me, here.

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 The Best of the Best:

My go-to Peeps for Keto, Fasting, Metabolic Education

What is "Keto" and why do people swear by it?

Staples for a Ketogenic Lifestyle

Stalling Pretty Early in Your Weight Loss, Keto, Fasting Journey? Here's Why You Don't Need to Panic

Clean Vs Dirty Fasting. Which is Best for You?

Realistic Weight-Loss Rates. Its NOT What You Want to Hear

Exercise: Cardio, HIIT, Strength Training and the Impact on Fat-Loss

Mindset and Weight-Loss/Lifestyle Change: This Missing Piece?

My Weight Loss Progress & Story


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